We provide a variety of high quality industrial labels including Traffolyte Labels for all your industrial labelling needs. Once you have received your labels, you need to ensure that they are applied in a manner that doesn’t compromise the label or the tape.

  1. Ensure the surface is clean and dry;
  2. A simple mixture of one-part isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to one-part water will adequately clean most surfaces;
  3. In the case of heavy oil or grease, we recommend you use a degreaser or solvent-based cleaner after cleaning with the IPA/water mixture to remove any stubborn patches;
  4. In the case of heavy dirt/oxidation, abrading the surface after cleaning with the IPA/water mixture can help prepare any troublesome areas;
  5. The optimal temperature when applying the tape is between 21c and 38c although minimum application temperatures can vary depending on the tape.

And there you have it!  A simple process, yet one that is often skipped in order to speed up a job.  Not as hard or as laborious as it seems.

Do you have any questions about our labels? Visit our FAQ page and see if we have it covered.