Common FAQ's

Can I choose the label size?

Yes definitely.
All our Traffolyte labels can be custom made to whatever size or shape you may require.
Our customer service team will be able to help find a solution that fits your needs

What Is The BDT Guarantee?

We understand the importance of getting the tags, labels and service you were expecting.

You can enjoy peace of mind when ordering with BDT Engraving:

“We deliver your custom tags and labels, the way you want them.”

That’s our guarantee.

Do You Provide Sample Labels?


We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, so we will always send samples to ensure we deliver the best quality product for your application.

Please contact us HERE for a Free Sample Pack

Do You Manufacture The Labels?

BDT Engraving are an Australian owned and operated business, and we laser, engrave and manufacture all our tags and labels in-house here in Sydney.

This means you skip any kind of ‘middle-man’ and deal directly with the company that is producing your labels.

You’ll have your product in no time at all, while also getting dependable service and advice you can rely on.

BDT Engraving is capable of fully customising variable information and any kind of electrical application requiring identification.

We utilise only the highest quality materials to ensure it can withstand harsh environments, as well as a fast, accurate turnaround for any job – no matter how big or small it is.

What Size Labels Can You Make?

We use full sheets of all our label materials with the maximum size being approximately 1200mm x 600mm and we can make a label as small as a 5c piece or a postage stamp if needed.

We can also make labels to a large range and variety of shapes as we use a computer-based graphics program to design and control each job.

BDT can produce up to 2000 labels on a single sheet, which enables our customers to purchase stock labels and saving in costs!

How Long Will It Take To Have The Labels Ready?

We always aim for a 1-2 day turn around, however this will depend on the quantity needed and the product ordered.

If ordering a stainless steel plate, brass plaques or aluminium sign, your order may take an extra day or two from ordering to allow the the stock to reach our premises.

This doesn’t include any courier times required to deliver your order to you.

I've Got An Urgent Order - Can You Help Me?

All urgent orders will be given necessary priority however we do need to ensure we continue to meet any and all commitments we have already given our valuable customers.

Can I Get Some Labels Made Today?

Yes, it is possible but there are few things to keep in mind.

We don’t substitute our commitment to quality and we won’t take shortcuts to deliver a rush job.  We are also not prepared to “queue jump” orders as all of our customers orders are equally important.

Therefore, if we receive your order by NOON on a normal working day and we can confidently promise to complete it and dispatch it the same day, we will try our best to do this.  Obviously, we also need to take into account the quantity ordered and if the Traffolyte is non-standard, we need to make sure we have sufficient stock on-site.

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