What is Brass?

Brass is a metallic alloy that is made of copper and zinc. The proportions of zinc and copper can vary to create different types of brass alloys with varying mechanical and electrical properties.

Brass provides a classic satin look to your labels and the addition of logos and graphics can serve to better highlight your message.

The durability of brass labels is second to none.  Manufactured with a brushed matt finish brass is suitable for many applications in industry and engineering.

For commercial premises, brass plaques are a favourite as the gold finish fits well with a rustic or historic location and where a distinguished and elegant look is sought.

Advantages of Brass

  • Excellent durability
  • Resistant to harsh conditions
  • Ideal in low friction environments

Uses of Brass

  • Equipment tagging
  • Machine rating info
  • Company signage
  • Load limit signs

When To Replace?

While brass itself will last indefinitely,  it is not possible to permanently protect the finishes and the metal will eventually tarnish over time.  The time this take depends not only on the quality of lacquer protection applied but also on environmental conditions.

Some people prefer brass in its natural state, without protective clear lacquer and allow it to age and tarnish naturally and uniformly while some applications require the brass to maintain its original sparkling shine and keep it that way with a cloth and some polish, such as Brasso™.

As with any engraved metal, the engraved lettering if left natural will still be legible against the surface material however the level of tarnish on the surface material might trigger a need to replace your brass tag or plaque.

Who Uses Brass Labels?

Brass is used by a range of industries that are looking for labels with durability in harsh environments or for that more traditional look for signs and plaques. These include:

  • Switchboard Manufacturers
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Corporate Construction
  • Engineers
  • Electrical Wholesalers
  • HVAC Installation
  • Transportation
  • Fire Prevention
  • Water Recycling
  • Solar and Wind Power
  • Property Management





Our interior and exterior etched brass plaques, labels and signs can accommodate even the finest details and smallest text.